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5 terrifying titles to scare you sleepless this Halloween

Horror stories certainly have a way of impacting people — especially when they're in a medium as visual as film or television.

As kids, we avoided them as much as possible. For, after taking in a horrifying scene or two on screen, lights out at bedtime just became too eerie.

Usually, as the years go by, though, the experience of watching horrors gets more exciting than eerie, with the terrifying turning into thrilling.

Or do they?

Well, there's no better day than today — and closer to midnight — to prove your mettle against the movie genre that many an adult still admits gives them sleepless nights. Consider this the ultimate Halloween movie challenge and stream PLDT Home subscription's Top 5 recommended titles across HBO GO, Lionsgate Play and Viu, which can either make you scream («Aaaahh!) or just feel like eating ice cream (»Meh!")

Which one is it going to be, then, huh?

‘The Nun 2’ follows Sister Irene who comes face-to-face with the demon nun Valak.

That moment when you can't seem to escape a stare: «The Nun 2.» Set in 1956 France, The Nun 2 follows Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga, «American Horror Story,» «The Bling Ring») as she investigates the mysterious death of a priest and comes face-to-face with the demon nun Valak. It also takes place in a boarding school, where young students also encounter Valak and other horrors.

Stream The Nun 2 on HBO GO.

That moment when your home suddenly feels unsafe: «The Grudge.» The Grudge centers around an American nurse (Sarah Michelle Gellar, «Buffy the Vampire Slayer») living in Tokyo who becomes the target of an angry spirit terrorizing her home. She later finds out that she's living at the site of a deadly curse that claims the lives of those who encounter it.

Stream The Grudge on HBO GO.

‘The Grudge’ centers around a nurse who becomes the target of an angry spirit terrorizing her home.

That moment when gore becomes the name of the game: «Saw.» For slasher film buffs, Saw is a definite must-watch. The entire franchise is centered around mastermind Jigsaw (Tobin Bell, «Malice,» «The Road to El Dorado») and how he tests humanity's resolve through deadly «games.» The first Saw movie sets the tone, introducing viewers to the