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Jonathan Majors' accuser recounts night of assault, actor's 'violent temper' that left her fearful

NEW YORK (AP) — Jonathan Majors’ former girlfriend testified Tuesday that the actor was prone to fits of explosive rage, an escalating pattern that she said ultimately led to her assault in the backseat of a car and his career-halting arrest this past spring.

During hours of tearful testimony, Grace Jabbari traced the downfall of her relationship with Majors, who she described as a “kind and loving” partner increasingly unable to control his “violent temper.” She said he hurled household objects at walls and often threatened to take his own life, at times referring to himself as a “monster.”

“It felt like I was walking around on eggshells,” said Jabbari, a 30-year-old professional dancer from the United Kingdom. “I had to be perfect.”

The troubled romance came to a head on the evening of March 25th, as the couple were riding back to Manhattan from a dinner already marred by a heated argument over Majors’ recent outbursts, she told the jury. During the drive, Jabbari was leaning on his shoulder when he received a “romantic” text message sent by a woman named Cleopatra.

After she snatched the phone out of his hands, she said Majors twisted her arm behind her back in a position that left her in “excruciating” pain. “Next I felt a really hard blow across my head,” she said, pantomiming the motion of an open hand making contact with the back of her skull.

“He’s very strong. I couldn’t move,” Jabbari continued. “It feels very loud when you’re hit in the head and just shocking.”

Majors eventually pried the phone from her hands and took off through the streets of Lower Manhattan as Jabbari chased him, according to a video compilation taken from various surveillance cameras that was shown to jurors.

The testimony came on the second day of the trial against Majors, a rising Hollywood film actor whose portrayal of the comic book supervillain “Kang the Conqueror” was set to anchor the next phase of the Marvel cinematic universe.

The fate of those films and others starring Majors remains uncertain since his arrest in March for allegedly assaulting Jabbari in the back of the car. An attorney for Majors has maintained that she was the instigator of the confrontation and