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Mommy Andi Manzano-Reyes shares tips to make sure Amelia is getting a holistic advantage

MANILA, Philippines — As mothers with preschoolers, we often find ourselves studying the unique personalities, love languages and nutritional needs of our little ones. It's a joyful challenge that requires a tailored approach for each child.

Just ask Andi Manzano-Reyes, the doting mom of three beautiful daughters, including the spirited four year-old, Amelia.

Like any parent, Andi wants to give Amelia the holistic advantage that supports growth, brain development, immunity, digestion and allergy prevention. In this article, she shares her heartfelt insights and tips on ensuring Amelia gets the holistic advantage she needs to thrive.

Amelia, who is a “pandemic baby,” possesses an adventurous spirit that is truly remarkable. Andi fondly recalls how her brave little girl decided to learn how to swim at the tender age of three.

“Amelia would just jump right into the pool and learn how to swim. Our pool is five feet, and she wanted to learn. She goes across and she just jumps. As a parent, it worries me,” Andi shares to

It’s a reminder that understanding and embracing your child’s unique personality can help you provide them with the support and guidance they need to flourish.

Amelia’s expressive nature makes her love language abundantly clear, even at the age of four. She is incredibly vocal about her feelings and isn’t shy about sharing them.

Andi marvels at her daughter’s sweet gestures, saying, “Sometimes she will say, ‘Thank you for cooking this for me.’ Wow, where did you learn all these things? It really melts my heart.”

Usually, how kids express their love to the family members is how they want to be loved. Observe them and listen well. Being attuned to your child’s love language, whether it’s verbal affirmations or acts of kindness, will strengthen your bond.

Andi firmly believes in letting her children explore the world and dream big. She recalled a moment when, during Amelia's moving-up day, the little one expressed her ambitions.

“She wanted to be a fashion designer. She wanted to be a dancer. She wanted to be a singer. She wanted to be a vet. She wanted to be a doctor of insects. She wanted to fly a plane. She wanted to have her own