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Taking it easy

LIFE has been busy for many of us since the pandemic ended. It seems like everyone has returned to the old, fast-paced life that is busier than ever. Fortunately, Suzuki Philippines Inc. hosted a special experiential drive for the new Suzuki XL7 Hybrid.

What makes this drive special is that it's not the usual kind I participate in. The main event of this drive is its fuel economy run. While we got the treat of enjoying the latest XL7 that now comes with an electrified drivetrain, we also got to see which among the 12 participating cars would record the most efficient fuel consumption.

Filling our XL7 Hybrid to the brim to get actual consumption reading.

I have been in the motoring beat for quite some time, but this would be my first eco run ever. I have heard a lot of stories from the «titos» in the beat about how these types of activities were done before, and it seems competitive. But Suzuki Philippines wants everyone to appreciate the new XL7 comfortably while making the most out of its fuel efficiency. Rules like having the air-conditioning turned on at all times and everyone taking a specific route to our destination were imposed.

Our day started in Makati where the media delegates were picked up and shuttled to Suzuki Auto Kawit in Cavite where the drive officially started. From Kawit, the eco-run was a 71-kilometer drive to the Phoenix gas station in Nasugbu, Batangas, squeezing the minimum juice possible with the XL7 Hybrid. All the participating vehicles were filled to the brim and refilled again to the brim at the endpoint to measure the actual kilometers per liter consumed.

I got assigned to Car No. 2, and our team's strategy is, well, actually none. We did not have any plan but to just nurse the throttle pedal all throughout the drive. Manong Ron de los Reyes led our team, and his experience in such challenges shows. We reached the endpoint consuming only 1.35 liters of fuel. Others recorded 1.4 to 2 liters of fuel. We placed second to the group that consumed just 1.060 liters. What makes it even more impressive is that they were not even trying. They were just doing a normal drive up the boondocks.

According to the official Automobile Association