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The Nevermets fans ‘feel sorry' for Sarah, 38, as she lives with Jgoy, 27, after sex comment

There can’t be many of us who haven’t excitedly gone on a first date, only to wonder if it’s all been a terrible mistake within seconds of meeting the potential person of our dreams. And that looked very much the situation with British catering assistant Sarah, 38, who met with her apparent love match – a 27 year old Filipino virtual assistant called Jgoy – for the first time on last week’s episode of Channel 4’s latest documentary series, The Nevermets.

The six-part series is following five love-struck couples living many thousands of miles apart, and who’ve only ever known each other online, as they meet for the first time and immerse themselves in each other’s cultures.

The series continues on Friday, 7 June, on Channel 4. People like floppy-fringed 17 year old A-level student Jay, who was only 15 when he met now-26 year old Veena in a Game Of Thrones chatroom but has travelled around 5,000 miles to meet her at home in India.

Many viewers initially slammed the couple suggesting things wouldn't work out for them, due to the distance and the age gap in the relationship. Meanwhile, back with Sarah and Jgoy, she’d just arrived in the Philippines, having travelled thousands of miles from her home in the UK, to find herself on a date with him… and several of his mates. Sarah had already appeared to have reservations about Jgoy as she brushed off his advances – but was horrified, along with hundreds of thousands of TV viewers, when he made a crude sexual suggestion to her in front of his friends.

Outraged viewers took to social media to express their disgust, with one person on Digitalspy saying: "Oh my gosh Jgoy.

Trying to impress your friends with the pineapple comment. What were you thinking? But, like Veena, Sarah should know better. I mean she knew better before she flew out, but still went ahead.

I hope she found a nice hotel." Another added: "I feel sorry for Sarah. He's not right for her, how would it ever work?" And on Mumsnet, someone said: "Sarah looked absolutely crestfallen with Jgoy. And that’s another weird situation." But back on Digitalspy someone else defended Jgoy, saying: "I actually don't find jgoy that bad.