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Embracing authenticity with every strand: The rise of a homegrown Filipino hair care brand

MANILA, Philippines — Amid the pandemic’s chaos, Paula Hilario, a young entrepreneur at 27, stepped into the spotlight with Babe Formula—a hair-care brand that’s been turning heads. The buzz began on TikTok, where her story mesmerized over two million viewers and counting.

Imagine a TikTok post that took the internet by storm—a tale of grit, dreams and a venture that defied odds. Hilario’s journey is more than a business success—it’s an inspiring adventure that will keep you glued to the screen.

In a candid conversation, Hilario shared her rollercoaster ride into the hair care world and the birth of Babe Formula. She had been a serial entrepreneur, juggling small business ideas while freelancing. But health issues began to stack up, leading to frequent hospital visits.

Then, in November 2019, she took a leap of faith into the distributorship world, aiming for the hair-care niche. It was a bold move in a market saturated with trends and dominated by big commercial brands.

In spite of it all, her driving force was personal: the quest for the perfect hair-care products for her specific needs, which would eventually cater to others’ as well.

Hilario envisioned a brand committed to sulfate-free, silicone-free, salt-free and paraben-free solutions, wrapped in captivating pastel packaging that made people believe it was an international brand—a blend of effectiveness and aesthetics.

What most people didn’t know though was that Hilario’s journey wasn’t a smooth sail. At first, manufacturers were hesitant, and branding was a struggle. Yet, her persistence triumphed.

Today, Babe Formula stands tall, catching the eye of Filipino consumers, celebrities, even big e-commerce platforms and publishing companies.

Grounded in honesty and authenticity, Babe Formula’s ethos mirrors Hilario’s values: a commitment to quality and supporting others with hones products that actually work. Her passion echoes in every bottle, setting a new standard in the hair care industry.

Hilario’s story isn’t just about entrepreneurship; it’s about resilience, determination and proving that dreams can be reality. Babe Formula isn’t just a brand; it’s a statement in the beauty industry, a testament to