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Funny things Filipino moms do to show love and how to give back

MANILA, Philippines — Men and women have a shared responsibility to take care of their children, and they really do their best to live up to their responsibility. However, since women are traditionally left to care for their children in most cultures, including the Filipino culture, moms get to spend more time with their children and are therefore perceived to care more for their children than dads.

In any case, most Filipino children, having been raised by Filipino moms, share common experiences and anecdotes about their Nanay’s style of taking care of them. There are certain things that Filipino moms say and do that seem awkward, sometimes utterly illogical, but if you get right down to thinking about it, it actually makes sense.

Knowing how the Filipino community sometimes tends to be family-centered, it might just be the Filipino tendency to be a bit extra, to take it up a notch in terms of child care.

So, Filipino children do have a funny anecdote or two on how their mothers raised them.

Here are some cute things Filipino moms do while taking care of their kids:

This means placing a bimpo (towel) on your back to catch your perspiration, buying terno or matching pieces of clothing for you and your siblings, and sewing or altering the clothes herself if she finds them too revealing. Funny as it may seem, but you and your siblings wearing the same clothes, for instance, made for cute pictures and core memories!

Imagine this: You attend classes every morning and arrive from school a little after noon. You have lunch and proceed to watch a bit of television after. Then in comes your mother commanding you to stop whatever it is you are doing because it is nap time — and you are not allowed to do anything else until you take that nap. 

Now, science tells us that a well-timed nap can provide your brain with a little boost. But why would a child, with all that boundless energy and no immediate major life responsibilities, need an afternoon nap? Who knows except your mother, whose insistence on naps likely ingrained that practice in your brain, or turned you off from naps forever. 

But as adults now, we all cherish a few minutes of nap time — even for just 5 minutes