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Rosanna Roces wants dear friend Ai Ai back

THEIR common showbiz friends — for certain — can't wait to see erstwhile bosom buddies Ai Ai delas Alas and Rosanna Roces back in each other's oasis.

This is especially true soon after Rosanna — in a recent vlog interview by Aiko Melendez — expressed her desire to rebuild her friendship with the comedienne that had remained strained for 20 years.

To be honest, I found her peace offering to be very «un-Rosanna» — certainly not the typical Osang (her pet name) I've known her to be. For Rosanna to have allowed 20 long years to slip by makes me think she wouldn't mind it all even if she and Ai Ai remain hostile to each other thy kingdom come.

Why wait that long when she could have offered an olive branch, say, five or 10 years after their falling out? That would have been a more sincere gesture.

In the same vein, why did it have to take a vlog by a colleague-friend when Rosanna could have resorted to non-social media means like mainstream outlets way ahead of its advent?

But whatever Rosanna's reason for it is no longer as weighty as seeing her shattered friendship with Ai Ai restored to how it was two decades ago.

Asked to label what their sisterly closeness looked like, Rosanna told the Quezon City councilor, "'Yung sa amin kasi ni Ai Ai, sobrang totoo. Masarap siyang kasama (Ours was genuine friendship. Ai Ai was so much fun to be with)."


Could Rosanna take us back during those happy times together? What made them — or either — fall out when as far as I could remember, neither was there any trade of negative issues between them?

Rosanna recalled their enmity reared its ugly head sometime in 2004.

«We were like picking apples that time because we were in demand in provincial gigs. Ai Ai was supposed to have a show in Dagupan. Prior to that, she had a show there with Ara Mina but it was a flop. Still, the show producer went right ahead promoting ours, but the producer took Ai Ai's picture down off the poster. Maybe Ai Ai thought I had a hand in it but I was totally clueless. She took it against me. But it was a case of misunderstanding,» Rosanna recounted.

Unlike many other showbiz alliances gone awry Rosanna said theirs was different as not even once did