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The world is getting smaller for the Dutertes | The Freeman

The release of former senator Leila de Lima, the filing of criminal charges of grave threats against former president Rodrigo Duterte, the removal of the Confidential and Intelligence Fund from the budgets of the vice president and DepEd secretary, as well as rumors of possible impeachment charges against the vice president, all these are not unconnected events. They are all designed to disable a political opponent in 2028. Even a freshman Law student can draw an obvious political hypothesis.

You need not have an IQ of 228 like Marilyn vos Savant of St. Louis, Missouri, to figure out that all these are interlinked and are being orchestrated by a scheming political strategist. Now that former senator Leila is out, she can actively help the International Court of Justice in the revival of the charges of alleged extra-judicial killings and the so-called summary executions in Davao. She can testify and give aid and comfort to the investigators. She can share all the documentary and object evidence that she might be in possession of. With the former senator out, due to the recantation of all the principal witnesses against her, the former senator can pursue a charge of malicious prosecution against the former president, and subornation of perjury to those who allegedly coerced witnesses to falsely accuse her.

Former senator De Lima can conduct press conferences to drum up support for the continuation of the efforts to indict the former president. De Lima can link with Rappler's Maria Ressa, the human rights groups here and abroad, tie up with former vice president Leni Robredo, and run for senator again to regain her vantage position with which to run against the Dutertes. Former senator De Lima will be one of the most effective campaigners against the presidential campaign of putative presidential candidate Sara Duterte Carpio. Justice Secretary Boying Remulla made a statement that he believes that former senator De Lima will most probably be acquitted. Her acquittal will be a big slap to the face of the former president and will definitely be a campaign issue against the vice president's run for the presidency.

The removal by the House and the Senate of the budget